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Noleggio Chianti 500: our history

Every story is different. Our started more than fifty years ago with a car. A car simple as safe, essential as reliable, a car born to represent this Country and become a symbol: the FIAT 500.

The rental shop Chianti 500 born from the passion for these cars by Gabriele Ciabattini, collector, driver and keen on automotive world. A man who has found, in this simple car, a lifestyle, that Italian style made of simplicity and elegance, which characterizes us in the World.

The dream of Gabriele Ciabattini was be able to share the emotion of drive this car. For this, with his agency, he provides a rental fleet made up exclusively by Vintage 500 fully restored, bicycles and Vespas, perfect in all the details, available for any type of event.

All this correlated to the sale of official 500’s gadget and typical Tuscan product. The agency is in Castellina in Chianti, a charming town a 20 km north of Siena, set in an unique landscape and famous all over the world for its wine, The Chianti Classico Gallo Nero (The Black Rooster), represented also in the city coat of arms.

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